What is Yoga?

Mindful Movements For Kids utilizes music, group activities and games, and partner work along with traditional yoga poses and breathing techniques to help children of all ages connect better to their bodies and their breath, as well as each other.

What yoga is... Yoga is a tradition that originated in India, 5000 years ago which utilizes movement and breathing techniques to balance and connect body and mind.

What yoga is not... It is not a religion. People of any faith or none at all may practice yoga and experience benefits.

Although practicing yoga increases flexibility, flexibility is not a requirement and people of all levels can practice yoga.



Lisa Bouley has practiced yoga for nearly 40 years and completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training at Kripalu, in Lenox Massachusetts, 25 years ago and received her bachelor's degree  in psychology and Master's degree in nutrition.

Her desire to share yoga and healthy habits with children led her to complete Childlight Yoga,© Yoga and Mindfulness for Children training in Dover, New Hampshire.